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INAFI Bangladesh Foundation, the national arm of the INAFI Asia network, shares the same philosophy as the international network with the primary objective to finding solutions for low-income people by creating effective and efficient access to the alternative financial and non-financial institutions through innovations. Since 2003 INAFI Bangladesh is working in the development field. Activities in Bangladesh encompass capacity building of the NGOs/MFIs through tailor-made training, organising conferences, seminars, credit rating; conducting social researches, evaluations, reviews; It also undertakes knowledge based research and product development through continuous Research and Development (R&D) initiatives with a particular focus on product innovations and best practices. It campaigns and lobbies with concerned stakeholders by building alliances with the local networks on certain specific issues that emerge as strategic issues and concerns for the sector. INAFI Bangladesh has been promoting "Inclusive Development" with provision of services providing Financial Inclusions, Social Inclusion and Adaptation to Climate and Environmental Change ensuring a sustainable livelihood. Presently INAFI Bangladesh has twenty eight Member Organisations and three Strategic Partners.